My name is Penny Maday Ciochetti. I am a Canadian artist who divides my time between Canada and Europe.  I am a Mixed Media Artist  who works in acrylics, glass, wood , metal , ink, photography , printmaking , charcoal, pencil, water color, collage and sometimes in Italian lime stone fresco.

In the words of  artist Ai Wei Wei: " Art is not an end but a beginning " , so I begin - again and again .

I am interested in bringing awareness around things that are lost in time or that are in a state of Becoming. Forms in transition articulate the gap between things - like perception and reality.

My art encourages participation, where the viewer’s point of view puts the work in transition and creates a form of meditation and engagement. In my Mixed Media work, especially the ‘Love Letters To Leonardo ‘ Series - I have chosen the process of layering abandoned photographic images of nature over drawn Platonic forms as a metaphor for spiritual transformation and a nod to Leonardo da Vinci’s genius and endless curiosity. The shapes, forms, marks, lines, circles and spaces between them are acts of meditation, prayer and abandon.


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